February 1, 2008

Single Mothers Headache

As single mothers, we are faced with the burden of bringing home the bacon. The bills of our household are our responsibility, as well as, the chores, the yard work, the school functions and projects, doctors and dentist visits for kids, late night feedings, car maintenance, and the list goes on. We live our life on the edge. There is always something to do. We depend on our jobs to make sure that our kids dont do without. Then, a job you've been in for 6 years decides to turn your world upside down. They change your hours and say that you now have to work rotating weekends and holidays. What do you do? Not to mention, your 8 hour days are changed to 10. How are you supposed to function with a new schedule when you still have a teenage child at home? If you were single and didnt have anyone depending on you, it wouldnt be such an issue...but you do. When I was younger, I use to job hop quite a bit. As a single parent, you have to eat alot more crap and take attitude from your superiors like never before. It isnt fair. You are a dependable employee, never call off sick, yet your wants and needs arent even a concern to the "powers that be." Oh well, its times like these I know you should be thankful you have a job. Ive become a professional at sucking up alot of frustration, so why stop now? My opinion on this is, if they put more single parents incharge of companies, there would be alot happier employees. They have more compassion than most and would take your living conditions and responsibilites into consideration before they decided to change your life completely. Just another hurdle to overcome, I guess. Im sure it wont be the last.

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