February 17, 2008

MOM does not = Made Of Money

Is it just me or does it seem that children think we have an endless supply of money just for them? “I need $5 dollars for this and $10 dollars for that” are regular requests in my house. True, it has tapered off quite a bit since my oldest son left, but it hasn’t diminished completely. Not to mention, it always seems that this money is needed at 9:30 at night, the night before a major event or expense, and you have nothing in your wallet. Of course, a steady supply of money is never in my wallet anyway. I use my ATM card quite a bit, as many people do these days, so having hard cash is almost obsolete. My son came to me last night to notify me that he used his lunch money to get something that he needed for school. When asked why I wasn’t notified of this expense at an earlier time he said that it just “came up”. He wanted me to refurbish his money loss for lunch. Mind you, it was 9:15 at night and I just got home. I understand kids need things, I really do, but shouldn’t we have at least a 48 hour grace period? The fact that I don’t have a steady supply of cash flow in my wallet comes as a surprise to him. Just wait!! When that kid is out on his own and has to actually buy toilet paper, soda, shampoo (although, I’m not sure he’d miss this), and toothpaste, he is really going to come to a rude awakening. His surprise at my empty wallet will be a realization in his world. I know for a fact that this is a reality for my oldest son. He was very appreciative during his last visit when Mom was paying his food bill for almost 2 weeks. The constant money that he always had flowing thru his wallet while he lived at home and worked, has become a thing of the past. I think I’m going to get a shirt or plaque with the above saying on it. That way, the next time my son comes to me for that endless supply of cash that he so frequently needs, I can point and remind him that just because he calls me Mom, doesn’t mean I’m Made Of Money. Are there any mothers out there that can feel my pain?

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