February 25, 2008


I did a post a couple weeks back telling you the story of how Kevin (my ex husband) left the state and choose another woman over my children. How he didnt think twice about saying goodbye to my son's, but rather, chased his drug addicted wife of to Tennessee. He didnt even talk to the boys for nearly a year. Well, Ive just learned (from my oldest son)that she has left him. She decided she no longer loves him and moved out. I know I said things have a way of turning themselves around and also something about karma coming back ten fold?? This is a perfect example. For all the things that he put me thru (including but not limited to), chasing him for child support, constantly making promises to the children that he never kept, not staying in contact with them when they were young and needed him the most, forgetting birthdays, tears that I had to wipe away because Daddy didnt show up to take them for the weekend. I must say, this couldnt happen to a nicer guy! My question to him would be, was it worth it? Now, you have nothing. Yes, your older son still talks to you but your youngest son wont pick up the phone when you call. 14 years my sons came second to the idiot that he married and now, what does he have to show for it? For all of those single parents out there struggling and wondering how the other parent could turn their back on your child/children, this ones for you. It may take a while but life always has a way of coming back to bite you in the butt. I guess im feeling a little vindicated right now. I hated that man for a very long time, now, I only pity him. He can tell his sob story to someone else because neither I nor Brad(my youngest son) want to hear anything he has to say. You made your bed Kevin, now you have to lay in it.........ALONE.

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