February 10, 2008

Things to remember….

When you are feeling down, here are a few things to remember. You have so very much. There are people who love you. There is a world of beauty and opportunity all around you. You can think. You can act. You can make choices. You can learn. You can grow. You have hopes and dreams, and the ability to follow them. You can make a true and lasting difference in the world around you. You have a day full of life that's waiting to be lived, right here and now. You have challenges, which can build your strength, and energy with which to meet them. Life is far from perfect and yet completely abundant. The fact that some of the details could be improved only serves to show what a true blessing it is to be alive and able to make things happen. Ninety-five percent of what the wealthiest, most successful people alive have, you have too. And that other five percent is yours to create as you see fit. You get out of life what you put into it. When life gets you down just remember, this too shall pass. My DBF Michael told me something when I was very depressed about a week ago regarding things that were happening with my life and my job. He said if you always dwell on the negative, you invite that into your life. Try your best to be positive. I think it’s more like the power of suggestion theory and it makes sense. So, even if things aren’t going your way right now, a week from now, maybe even a month from now it will be a memory. The good Lord never gives you more than you cant handle so have a little faith in yourself. You can get through anything…remember that.

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No Nonsense Girl said...

Sing it sister!!!! I agree with everything you've said! :)

baby~amore' said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Lori.I am sorry you have had a difficult time lately. This is beautiful.
These are very wise words. I was going to say to you as I started reading .. this will too pass -I was thinking it and then I saw you wrote it.I wrote a post on these words recently.
The Lord also says there is a time for everything and everything in his time ... A time to weep ,a time to cry so it is okay to have these down , dark cloud days.
take care.

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