July 18, 2008

Cell phones with cameras

Dear fellow bloggers,

I have recently come to the conclusion that cellphones with cameras might be easy access for boyfriends with a sense of humor. As you know, DBF Michael and I moved in together almost 2 months ago. I work days and he works nights so the only time we have together is on the weekends. Although, we do sleep together every night. While visiting some of his relatives a couple weeks back, he shared a photo he had taken of me while I was sleeping (no, he didn't show his family but he chose a family gathering to reveal what he had been up to). He pulled back the covers while I was sleeping and took a picture of my butt. Ladies...do you have this same problem with your man? Now, I find myself waking up constantly thru the night waiting to catch him in the act. This kind of behavior deserves a payback but I'm not quite sure what to do. Any suggestions? He sent another pic of me today to my cell phone that I was unaware he had taken. So it wasn't just a one time thing. It brings him great joy to embarrass the heck out of me and it seems he keeps taking pictures of the same thing. I don't get it. That is like taking advantage of someone when they are the most vulnerable and the least attractive. What do they call those people?? Video voyeurs? I'm not sure if he falls into that category or if it is considered the same thing when you're in love with the person doing it, but its along the same line. Does he do it because he likes looking at my butt or does he just like to tease me? I have yet to get a straight answer but I'm curious if anyone out there has a suggestion as to how I should handle this?? Its not like taking nude pic's of each other while you are feeling adventurous...this is on a whole different level. All I get from him is innocent puppy dog eyes with a giggle and smirk. Maybe I should go to bed fully clothed. Do you think that would work?


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Crazy Working Mom said...

Yikes! What a scary thought...I wouldn't want anyone taking pictures of my butt, no matter what. You should address the issue for sure.

Chelle Y. said...

Haha, no man is going to want to take a picture of my butt, so I will not have to worry about that. :)