July 28, 2008

The preschool dilemma

When it comes to selecting a preschool, parents of 3 and 4 year old children face a dilemma. Do you go for the one that calls itself an “academic” preschool or do you enroll your child in the fun place? My kids are older but I listen to my coworker talk about her 6 year old and have seen the homework she brings home. Are we pushing our kids too soon? Since when does at 6 year old need to learn algebra? In first grade, we learned how to read and write but we had fun too. Why should we put our preschoolers in a place that is high in academics when they are going to be hit with that as soon as they start school? Do we really need our kids to grow up that quickly? The fact that my child has homework that I haven't been able to help him with since elementary school is a bit disturbing. Don't get me wrong, I want him to be the best he can be, but is it too much? Although, in looking at the long term effects, kids may do better in school if they start them younger. I just think its putting our kids on overload. Although, today's generation wont be able to get a decent job without a college degree. Its a catch 22 situation. They are requiring my son to pass Algebra 2 before they will let him graduate. Why? I don't know about you but I was never a genius in math and I have yet to use Algebra or Geometry in my everyday life. If a kid excels in the subject, awesome. Not all kids get it though, nor do the parents for that matter. I think we should let kids be kids for a while. Teaching them streets smarts and common sense should be more important than an accelerated math class. My suggestion, take your preschoolers with you to help you decide. See where they feel more comfortable. Any thoughts?

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Laura said...

It took me 3 tries to find my kids a good school! But now they are at a STUNNING one! And in comparison to my friends kids school seem to have it pretty easy actually!

Which I am grateful for! They are still kids and need to be kids and not stress about homework and other stuff there is plenty of time for!

Lori said...

I agree and thats wonderful news!!