July 25, 2008


I was talking to my oldest son tonight about his visit home. I usually get a little tense before his visits because he gave me so much trouble when he lived here. Its seems, every time he comes home, my youngest son ends up in trouble. The last visit, he got Bradley drunk and the time before that, he took him to an illegal street race and Brad ended up with a ticket. Steven is a socialite. He doesn't let the grass grow under his feet, but rather, hits the ground running. There are alot of friends around here that I don't approve of. However, my son is 20 TODAY (Happy Birthday Steven), he is in the military, and has lived on his own for 2 years. Anyway, as he is giving me his itinerary for his flight, he proceeds to inform me that his girlfriend will be taking leave at the same time too. She will be about a half and hour from our house. Great, I cant wait to meet her...I'm thinking to myself. Then, he proceeds to tell me he wants his GF to stay with us for a few days. That made me mad. Number one that he would ask knowing that my house will be full to capacity with him here, and Number 2...he sees this girl every day, I thought he was coming home to visit his family?! Am I being selfish? I took a whole week off to spend time with him. He then has the audacity to get mad at me for telling him no. The world has always revolved around him but he needs to know that's not always going to be the case. I don't know why he feels the need to throw a guilt trip on me and I'm not sure how to handle this. Any suggestions?


Laura said...

Gosh that is a little insensitive of him! Surely if she will only be 30 min away he can go see her a bit while he is with you? She doesnt need to STAY with you!!!

Hope you guys can work it out and have a great time together!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I hope you had a nice visit with him and he didn't spend more time with her than you guys.

Lori said...

He wont be here until the end of August. There has been an update...she is also in the military and has been called to duty that week. So, I get him all to myself:)Well, I will have to share him with his friends but he better make time for me too!!