July 14, 2008

The "R" word

I know the US government is refusing to say it but I believe we are currently in a recession. The dictionary describes recession as a period shorter than the actual depression, during which there is a decline in economic trade and prosperity. When I pick up the newspaper and see all the people that are losing their homes, it hurts my heart. Then, you add the price of gas and food on top of everything else and it makes it a reality. We spend trillions on foreign aide when our people at home are struggling to survive. What’s wrong with this picture? Is it because they live in fancy houses and don't pay taxes that our government is turning a blind eye to the problems we are having here? As a single parent, how are you supposed to support your kids when you can’t afford the gas to get to work or the money it costs to buy groceries? Don't get me wrong, I'm doing fine, it’s just the others that I am worried about. If you can’t afford the necessities, life can be pretty tough. I think if you look at your monthly budget and access where your funds go, you might be able to cut some corners here and there. Many of us are use to doing that. I just don't know how long we can be expected to live under these circumstances. The price of everything is going up but the wages aren't. Why do the tax payers end up paying for everything and we don't get rewarded for our suffering? Instead, we just have to keep digging into our pockets deeper and deeper until something finally gives. It isn't fair. Something needs to be done to change the system and it needs to be done quickly. Not to mention, what about the older people on fixed incomes? How can they survive? Not pay for their meds?? Turn off the cooler on a 100 plus day? Skip meals? Our country is in sad shape. I hope and pray that something good happens soon because Id hate to see where this whole thing is going. We have been punished long enough. Recession isn't a possibility, it’s a reality, and we're living it right now. Any body beg to differ on that one? Better yet, any suggestions for people who are really having a tough time right now?


Chuck said...

I agree and don't beg to differ at all. I found out a friend of mine is losing his business and all I tho't when I heard this is "if there wasn't so much greed, would we really be where we are today"? I think not. I dunno really about these things. I just feel like it's turned into selfishness and materialism. *huggies*

Crazy Working Mom said...

My boss informed us today in an employee meeting that raises were going to be tighter this year and some may not even get one. This only one week after our insurance shot up again and gas went up another 5 cents a gallon! I don't know how people will survive.

...and I'm about to quit working. *sigh*