December 14, 2007

Baby proofing your home

When my children were born, I worried about a lot of things. It wasn’t until they started to crawl that I thought about baby proofing. My mother said you should never baby proof a house, that children should learn what they can and cannot touch. I agree with her to a point. However, I had a very active second child and I got really tired of getting up constantly to take things out of his hands. I think safety plugs in outlets are a great idea and locks on cupboards too. However, how far do you go? My youngest son would get up after I went to bed, turn on all the lights, open the fridge, turn on the TV, and if I hadn’t put a latch on the front door taller than he could reach with a chair, he would have been gone in a heart beat. He flushed weird things down the toilet, locked a cat in the freezer, ruined a good pair of boots by filling them with water, and tried to iron the carpet. All of this before the age of 2. I thought it was wonderful that he was walking at 8 months until I realized he wasn’t going to stop. My sister bought those gates to put across the bottom of her daughters door. She was just as active as my Brad. I think that is a wonderful idea. For all of those mothers out there that are actively anticipating their children’s first step, I say to you, wait…don’t rush it. Enjoy your freedom of leaving them in one place and being able to find them when you go back. I think the bottom line on baby proofing is, it all depends on the child. Some kids have way more energy than others. I would always cover up the plugs and cords but rearranging your house might be a little too much. Children really do need to learn the meaning of the word “No”. Even though you will get really tired of saying it.

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Melanie said...

I think most kids know what they should and should not touch. My 14month old knows there is one cabinet in the kitchen she can play in. When she opens any other cabinet door she shakes her head "no" while she's doing it. I think toddlers like to test us- which is why baby proofing is so important to me. I can not keep my eyes on my toddler 24/7 and that is why we have done quite a bit of baby proofing.

DBF Michael said...

thanx for the kung fu hack baby !!!