December 21, 2007

Holiday's for singles

My blogger friend Danielle came up with some wonderful ideas for singles during the holidays and I wanted to share them with you. I know Christmas is just around the corner but its never too late to get in the spirit!!

Accept the party invitation you were considering, even if you don't have a date. Mingle and have fun. Don't forget a holiday gift basket for your host!

Make hot cocoa and popcorn and invite a few close friends to watch your favorite holiday movies with you one evening.

Throw your own holiday party. It may be a little late this year to plan anything elaborate, but you can still host a small gathering. Check out these Christmas games to keep your party interesting.

Volunteering is an opportunity to be a part of the holiday cheer. Look for local opportunities that relate to your interests. You may even get a Santa Suit and help out at an area toy drive!

Treat yourself. Plan a vacation, a trip to the spa, or take yourself on a mini shopping spree.

Decorate for the holidays. A festive home is the best way to enjoy your own holiday cheer.

Enjoy one of your personal interests during the season. Join a craft class and create a special gift or frequent your religious organization.

Tis the season to give. Make a point to donate to a charity, shop for a needy child, or even help sponsor a charity drive this holiday.

If you're a single parent, consider getting creative and making simple gifts for family and friends together.

Celebrate a holiday tradition from your childhood. Look at lights through your town, watch fireworks, or listen to carols while drinking cocoa.

Visit a friend you haven't seen in a long time or a distanced family member you've been out of touch with.

Organize a gift exchange or Secret Santa party at the office and include all your co-workers.

If you're single and looking, check out A Better Way to Date by Michael Webb for the best tips for singles available.


Anonymous said...

I thinking giving is your best advice. Somehow when we give, we feel so much happier -- and that attracts more good things, and so on, and so on...

Chelle Y. said...

Those are some great tips! :)

TeaMouse said...

Merry Christmas!