December 2, 2007

Selective Hearing

Is selective hearing a trait that you’re born with or is specific to males and children only? I have two boys that I noticed (from a very early age) only listen to things that they want to hear. In looking back at my past relationships, it seems as though some of the men in my life had the same trait. For example, when the trash needs to be taken out, how many times should you have to say it before something gets done? If the lawn needs to be mowed, how many reminders should you have to give in order for the task to be completed? It appears that the response time for some men is the same as the children. My youngest son challenges my patience on a daily basis. Just once I would like to ask him to do something and have it be done without any lip, excuses, or rolling of the eyes. Do girls have the same problem with this as the boys do?? Since I’ve never raised the female species, I’m anxious to hear if they have selective hearing as well. I remember as a child that Saturday was “clean the house” day. There was always a list of things that needed to be done before I could go anywhere. When I got home from school, that same list was waiting on the table to be completed before Mom came home from work. I didn’t get an allowance, it was just expected of me as a member of the family, to do my part. If I gave my mother half the excuses that my children give me (mainly my youngest), I would not be alive today. I don’t get it. When did children become so lazy and how come they don’t feel guilty when Mom is the one doing everything? Just once Id like to call his name and have him respond. What would really be awesome is if the response was, “Sure Mom, no problem” rather than, “In a minute”, “Why do I have to do it now? I just did it last week”, or the ever famous, “Can I do it tomorrow, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?” Heaven help that boy if he had to do everything I do on a daily basis. I cant wait to come to his house when he is an adult, be lazy, and let him take care of me. Oh yes, the time will has to!!Turn about is fair play in my book.

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katherine. said...

selective hearing AND selective

Don said...

Isn't teen parenting a gas?

Seriously. I lose sleep over some of the stuff my son comes up with. Every day feels like his first day in this house, and he's 15 years-old!

I wish I could wake up to a brand new life everyday, but it seems like I'm always too busy cleaning up after yesterday.

No Nonsense Girl said...

It's a male thing!!! ;)

Anne Bradshaw said...

I've noticed the same trait in a couple of grandchildren. It seemed to be there from before they could speak--as soon as they found out there was no follow up if they ignored an instruction.

ScrapNBear said...

Sorry to say that this is not just a male trait. As a Single Mother of a teenage Daughter...I have the same issue you do with your youngest. I look forward to the day she has a teen who rolls their eyes to the back of their head & gives her grief. I will be just smiling away telling her I remember when!