December 16, 2007

Should you keep the ring?

Life is wonderful, Love is awesome and you’ve found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. He gets down on one knee to propose, everything is perfect and you accept. Life couldn’t get any better. You begin to make plans for your life together. The church has been chosen, that caterers have been scheduled, and the guest list is complete. Then, something happens. You start to argue about everything and anything. Nothing seems to mesh anymore. You think it’s just a phase, maybe “cold feet”, but you can’t seem to shake it. Finally, you decide that maybe it was a mistake and your futures together just wasn’t meant to be. Do you give the ring back? After all, it was a gift. Although, there was a meaning behind the gift. A promise to marry that person and stay with them “until death do us part.” My own personal opinion is, if you’re married to the person and decided to get divorced, you get to keep the ring. However, if you never made it to the alter because you had a change of heart, you should give it back. What do you think?

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Don said...

I didn't ask for it, but my former fiancee gave me the ring back when we split up. I waved a magic "pawn shop" wand over it and turned it into a washer and dryer. She did take those with her!

No Nonsense Girl said...

I would give it back???? Is there anything else you need to talk babe???


Sandy Carlson said...

I remember reading about this in Ann Landers when she was alive and not being impersonated by--some two women. Her thing was you can keep it because it was a gift. The wedding rings are somehow part of a contract and are given back.

I suppose if the ring had some family history to the giver, I would want to give it back. Or sell it back if he were a real creep!