October 16, 2008

Another day, another pound...

As you know, I was chosen by Divorce360 to evaluate Nutrisystems. They bought my food, and I in return, blog daily about the experience. Since some of you are curious about the program, I thought Id send you a link to my daily posts so you can see for yourself. Click here if you want to see my progress, my thoughts, and what I think about the food. There are also 2 other people on with me. We all have different perspectives and ways of life. It might be interesting reading and its definitely a necessity if you have been considering going on Nutrisystems yourself. They have a direct link from Divorce 360. You can go on and check it out. By the way, after 2 days, I am down 3.2 pounds. I am giving this my all and cant wait to see the results. Wish me luck!!

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1 comment:

Lori said...

BTW, Im down 7 1/2 pounds in 10 days!! Woohoo!!!