October 20, 2008

Senior Year

Its finally happened. My youngest son is officially a senior in high school. What Id like to know is, how are all parents supposed to afford this special time in your child's life? Before school even began, I needed $300 dollars for senior pictures. Here we are in month 2, and they are already sending home things for class rings, caps & gowns, and graduation announcements. By the way, did I mention the rings are over $400 dollars? I havent even opened the packet for caps, gowns, and announcements. Was it this expensive when I was in school? No way. I talked to my mother about it and she almost fell over when I told her the prices. What happened?

How are people living in today's society supposed to come up with that kind of money when its hard enough to fill your gas tank and put food on the table? Now, you are going to put a guilt trip on them too if they cant come up with the funds for all the senior specialities? I just think its out of control. I don't think a senior should go without because his/her parents cant afford it. Yes, a class ring is luxury but caps and gowns aren't. They are a necessity. Did you have to pay for yours? I will find a way to get my son all that he needs to make his last year in school special, I just think its terrible that not all kids will have the same opportunity. With all the money we pay in taxes, shouldn't there be an allowance for things like this?? Maybe not the ring but certainly the cap & gown. And why do pictures cost so much? Since when does posing a child and telling them to say CHEESE become a major expense? Does the film cost that much? I don't know, I'm asking. My son has a friend who's family doesn't have anything. He didn't get his senior pictures this year and I'm sure a class ring is out of the picture. It hurts my heart. I think these companies need to show a little more compassion rather than looking at the bottom line for everything. Yes, that probably isn't the way to have a successful business but I don't think any child should feel less important because their family cant afford it. OK...I will step off of my soap box now. My rants will do nothing but make me feel better. The bottom, life isn't fair and it never will be. I guess we need to learn to deal with it...right?

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Darla said...

And don't forget Senior Prom and the class trip... My middle son graduated in June. It did end up being slightly less expensive than his sister's because his school was on a military base overseas, but those costs just kept adding up. Oddly, he paid less for his cap and gown, but he got to keep them both, while she paid more and only got to keep the cap. Weird.

cherbear said...

I know just exactly how you feel. My oldest is a senior this year too. my gosh its expensive. first her ring 550.00 then senior pictures 275.00, now cap and gown,prom, and grad night. whats next. not sure.My ex wont even help with the extra expenses at all.

Jenny McB said...

The pictures are ridiculous and there seems to be a monopoly with Prestige studios and the year book. After looking at the prices of the pictures that the studio took, we picked one for the yearbook and passed on paying for anymore. We had a photographer in town take about 80 poses outside and they are excellent! The sitting fee was 75 for that, but any pictures I get will cost far less than the original studio.
We don't buy the class ring.