October 17, 2008

Love isnt easy

Anyone that tells you love is easy, has never truly been in love. Its a two way street filled with many hills and bumps. Sometimes it's smooth sailing, but usually not for very long. When you have two, not only different people but different genders, it makes it even harder. Well, I shouldn't really say that about the different genders because I have never been in love with a woman. Its not my cup of tea but I'm not against those who choose a different lifestyle. I'm just assuming that since women understand each other, it may be a little easier if you venture down that road rather than the one most traveled. Anyway, I'm getting off task. I think its funny that when you're young, you cant wait to fall in love? You spend your days dreaming of prince charming and the house with the white picket fence. You watch love stories on TV and read romance novels thinking that's what its really all about (wait, I still read romance novels and watch love stories). Its a woman thing.

Then comes the day that you were waiting for and you actually fall in love. Its always wonderful in the beginning. You do anything just to please your partner. You cant wait to spend every waking minute with them. It use to last 50 years, but that's not the "norm" these days. Heck, Hollywood roll models are having children out of wedlock left and right. What happened to marriage first? I think that when we discuss the birds and bees with our kids(where did they come up with that term anyway?), we should also mention that nothing good is easy. If you want something to last, you have to work for it and towards it. Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Maybe, but that's what makes it fun and exciting. Not to mention, frustrating and irritating at times too. I guess you cant really explain love to anyone, its something you have to experience on your own. Right? Just take it one day at a time. No pain, no gain.

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