October 9, 2008

Internet sex sites

I was cruising the Internet trying to find a way to get my creative juices flowing and I came across a site. Their slogan, "Get into bed with local singles horny for hot and wild sex. Join free." OK, does this really work? I know people surf the net for porn, usually men. And you have the different single sites that I have accidentally come across with shots of women and their private parts on display for all the world to see. I think to myself, Hmmmmmm, are you advertising yourself for Mr. Right or is this how you make a living? What happened to dating and the element of surprise? Heck, if a man contacts you because he has seen your vagina plastered all over the Internet, do you really think he is contacting you for a long term relationship? Although, maybe that's not what you're after.

Women don't need to display yourself for every pervert in the world to get laid. There are plenty of men out there just waiting for the opportunity to have sex and they dont even own a computer. What if someone you know (like your mother or father), came across an advertisement like that? How would you explain yourself? Then again, maybe girls like that don't need explanation. They obviously have low self esteem and feel the need to share their bodies for self gratification?? Self worth? Sex with a complete stranger just because? I dont know. And what kind of men answer these Ad's? Someone who is looking to get married? I don't think so. Im having problems understanding the concept. I'm all for online dating but parading yourself (and your vagina) for the world to see, to me, is nothing but cheap and tacky. The perverts of the world thank you, I'm sure. What if you actually do find a man this way, what do you tell your family and friends when they ask how you met? "Oh, I had my vagina displayed on the Internet and he answered my ad?" Yikes....girls, show a little respect for yourself. Is this really all you have to offer? Sad, very sad. Im suggesting some inner soul searching. It really isnt supposed to be like this....is it?

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