October 11, 2008

Military Mom with a son in Iraq

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Have any of you seen this image but didnt know what it stood for? It means you have a loved one that is deployed. My son sent me a pin to wear and a bumperstick to put on my car while he is overseas in Iraq in support of him and our troops. I will wear this pin with pride. When you read this, please stop and say a prayer for Steven Woodall and his safe return to the states along with all of our soldiers.
Thank You.....


Chelle Y. said...

I did not know your son was over there. It's been awhile since I have been on the blogs and I have not done a TT in months. It's hard when I teach.

Thank you for the information on that sign. Next time I see someone wearing it, I will thank them for their sacrifice.

By the way, thank you! :)

Lori said...

Thank You Michelle. Yes, my son just left last Wednesday. This is going to be a long 7 to 9 months. He did call me though. He is doing fine, just tired. There is a 10 hour difference. He said the trip was brutal and its very hot over there. I cant wait until he comes home:)