October 19, 2008

Is crying a sign of weakness?

Some people have the idea that crying is a sign of weakness. Especially in men. Whatever happened to compassion? I think a man that shows he is human by shedding a few tears is a good thing. It doesn't make you any less of a man, if anything, it let's women know that you care enough about them to drop your guard. Also, that you loved them enough to let them know you are hurting. Although, crying isn't always because you're sad. Heck, I cry when I'm happy or mad. Its something I personally cant control. Would I want too? Maybe..especially in the work place. I wonder if thats the reason more men are promoted? Companies believe that since a man shows no emotion, it means he can make more rational decisions. Right? It cant be because men are better than women at running companies. It shouldn't really even be a gender thing. I have worked for many men and women that do a terrible job in their position. Do men make better decisions?? Sometimes, depending on the time of the month for the women. Let's face it, when PMS is raging, we cant be held accountable for our decisions or our emotions.

Crying is a way of cleansing the soul. When you're sad, it makes you feel better. Even though it leaves your eyes too puffy for eye make-up. It seems that since Ive found out my son is going to Iraq, I cry at the drop of a hat. All I have to do is think about him leaving and I get choked up. Now he is there and I feel a little stronger. He calls me through the computer almost daily so I know he is OK. Should I try to control it? I guess there is a time and place for everything. Unfortunately, my heart and head have a mind of their own. People are pretty understanding about that but that doesn't make me weak. It makes me human, and most important, It means I'm a Mom that's worried about her child. Out of all the emotions we have, I think that laughing and crying are the best ways to not only express yourself, but to also make you feel better. So go ahead, grab a kleenex and have a good cry if your day totally sucked. Its good for you and in no way is it a sign of weakness. Everyone cries, thats why God created tear ducts. Right?


Nicholas said...

I think we evolved with tear ducts to keep our eyeballs moist. But I agree that crying can be a good thing -- sometimes. But it has reached ridiculous levels these days (I mean among adults, of course, not small children) with people bawling their eyes out in public over the most trivial matters. Didn't win a game show? Well, cry like a baby on national TV. Crying in times of great emotion or stress is probably a good psychological release, even though it is pretty grotesque to see a lot of the time.

Lori said...

Now Nicholas...it sounds like you need to get in touch with your sensitive side. Crying is not grotesque its an emotion that makes people feel better. Stop being such a manly man:)