October 10, 2008

Gay Marriage

Its clear in hearing both political sides debate about our countries future that they agree on one thing. They are against gay marriage. I don't get it. In some aspects, I guess in a perfect world a marriage would consist of a man and a women. However, what if you fall in love with someone that is the same gender as yourself? I don't understand, with all of the troubles we are dealing with now, why they feel the need to control the way a person feels. I'm heterosexual, always have been and always will be. In today's society though, we have all types of people. I believe banning something from one group of people because of their preference in gender is ridiculous. Don't we have enough going on in our lives to worry about rather than what constitutes a couple and whether they should share benefits? What gives us the right to dictate? I must confess, watching two gay people making out in public makes be feel a bit uncomfortable but so does watching a boy and girl. There is a time and place for everything.

In my opinion, people need to mind their own business unless is directly affects them or their family. These people are human just like everyone else. They are Doctors, Lawyers, School Teachers, Executives, and Policeman. Their ability to perform their duty is no different than anyone else. How does giving two people the right to marry really damaging the rest of us? It doesn't. Who determines whats right and wrong? We the people? Obviously they are not asking everyone, only the straight one's. Gay marriage is now legal in California but for how long? Will they overturn it again, and if so, what happens to the people that were legally married while they could? I'm not preaching that being gay is the way, I'm merely stating that we have much bigger issues to deal with than whether two people can legally spend the rest of their lives together. Freedom is something we are all privileged to have in this country. Why does it only pertain to the select few? Lets worry about our own problems and stop trying to control the way people live. Really, it's none of our business. I wouldn't want the government or anyone else telling me what to do. How do you think they feel?

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the need for a father? said...

Gay marriage is fine by anyone but as for the child donation that may follow, inadvertent incest between donateds could be one donation away.

Lori said...

Im not quite sure I follow you on that. They are gay, not child predators. The only difference between them and heterosexual people is their gender preference. They know right from wrong just like the rest of us. Thanks for commenting though. Everybody has a right to their opinion. I listen to both sides.

Nicholas said...

I agree with you 100%