October 5, 2008

Closet space

Ive come to the conclusion that its time to do some Spring cleaning in the Fall. When your clothes take up 2 closets, a rocking chair, and the backs of 3 doors, its time to downsize. Not to mention, everything you wear is on the outside of the closet, and the things you don't are on the inside. How did this happen? Every time I look inside my closet, it makes me tired. I know there are clothes in there I haven't worn in more than 5 years. I have 7 drawers filled to the rim. Most of the stuff in there, I don't wear either. When did I become such a pack rat? I know I'm not the only one that does this but I think mine is a bit extreme. I never get to the bottom of my personal clothes hamper because I would have no place to put the clean clothes. Of course, the last time I went thru my stuff, I ended up keeping more than half. You know what I mean ladies. Those things that you have second thoughts about throwing out. "I'm sure I will wear this again", "Oh, this is too cute to give away." There needs to be a stop to this madness. I haven't seen the back of my closet in 5 years. Shoes, I can throw out without thinking twice about. Clothes, on the other hand, take a little more effort. I know its going to take me a full 8 to 10 hours to start and finish this project. When will I ever find the time? And after its all said and done, how do I keep it from happening again? Are we as women destine to collect clothes like men collect tools? I promise, the first raining day of the season, that project will be on my list of things that need to get done. Of course, I live in California. It may be a while. Maybe I need to go to clothes collectors anonymous..."Hi, my name is Lori and I have separation issues with clothes I never wear. Please help me!"

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Jenny McB said...

I feel your pain!!! This is what I did, anything that you have not worn in 2 years, get it out of your life. Imagine you have those people from the TV show where they dress you come in and go through your closet...what would your response be to why you have kept some of your clothes?

You can do it! Just do one thing at a time, maybe one side of the closet first...then the next week a shelf. Don't do it all at once. Good luck.

Lori said...

Great advice....I think Im going to try that:)

Crazy Working Mom said...

I have the exact same problem!!!