October 2, 2008

Women in politics

I'm a registered Republican and I have been disappointed with the way that Bush has been running this country for years. We definitely need a change. However, I'm not sure McCain choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate was the best choice. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying a woman wouldn't be good in the white house, I'm just wondering if his choice was the right one? I have heard her views on abortion and abstinence, and I don't agree. That opinion will get me in trouble with alot of people (I'm sure) but this is America and we value our freedom. If she cant teach her daughter abstinence, why does she think it will work with my son or our nation for that matter? If they overturn Roe vs. Wade, it will be a step back in time. Do we really want to have women going to back alley abortion clinics because they no longer have a choice? And haven't we been trying to teach our children abstinence for years?? Has it worked? No.

I don't think handing out condoms in school is a bad thing. I was open and honest with my boys and bought them condoms myself but not all kids have that option. I talked to them about sex and showed them how to put a condom on using a banana as a visual aide. I'm not saying go out and have sex, they are going to do it on their own. Didnt you? If they use condoms, we wont have to worry about abortions. Right? I'm saying have safe sex and give them the tools to do so. And another thing, what if something happens to McCain? Do we really want some young hottie running the country? She is a new mother with all kinds of emotions running thru her, I'm sure. I don't know if she is the answer to our problems. I have to be honest, I'm not happy with either political choice. Id really like an AWESOME candidate on the ballot who would pull this country out of the continuing problems it is facing now. The war in Iraq, the Stockmarket, Oil Prices. Can a woman do that? Maybe...but not one that is unrealistic. If you are running for President, you have to hear what ALL people want and not push your beliefs on anyone. What this country needs is a miracle and I dont see it happening anytime soon. Should women be in politics?? Absolutely!! Is she the right person for the job??? I definitely have my doubts. That being said, I do think she did a much better job at debating than her counterpart. Does that means she is more qualified or maybe she is just better at telling us what we want to here. We shall see.

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Debbie said...

Good post. I think this election is so difficult because it is so important - the war, the economy, global warming/environment issues.
I agree about Palin - There are a number of things about her that don't set well with me, especially at "one heartbeat away".

Nicholas said...

She was good at reciting stuff she had learned by heart the previous week, and good at simply ignoring the question, and good at pulling faces and making useless folksy comments, but she wasn't good at debating. She is a small town woman with a small town mind firmly rooted in the 1950s and quite unsuitable for any kind of high office.