June 22, 2007

Friday Feast

Friday's Feast !!
Name a funny habit you have.

Double and triple checking my keys to make sure they are in my purse before I lock the car door, even though I know I just put them in there.

If you could instantly know how to play a musical instrument, which one would you pick?

The piano

How long is your hair?

About 5 inches past my shoulders

Main Course
When was the last time you forgave someone, and who was it?

a week ago....my boyfriend Michael

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

The fridge cause it holds all the yummy stuff...


tegdirb92 said...

great feast answers!! Have a wonderful Friday.

Gattina said...

The fridge ! I didn't think of that, I would prefer my coffee maker because without a morning cup of coffee I would just die !

katherine. said...

the fridge! totally take that for granted.

BeccaGirl said...

I get that way about my car keys too, but one day I just decided not to put them in my purse before exiting my car. Now, I keep them phisically in my hands. That way, I know I won't lock em' in!! I almost put the fridge too, you gotta give it up to the one that keeps everything from spoiling until we eat it! :)

Frances said...

RE: Your Appetizer
I feel so not alone - LOL
Thanks for visiting & sharing,

Drew said...

The fridge is awesome. Great feast.


Yes!!!! The fridge. Not only the yummy stuff....also makes everything cool. Over here temperature is really too high and the fridge really makes things cool.

Bubba's Sis said...

A delicious feast indeed!

Thanx for stopping by mine - come back anytime, y'hear?

Vexxxy said...

Liked the appetizer. That's one habit I should pick up. I'm always misplacing my keys.

Great feast. Thanks for visiting mine. It is kind of nice to remember my dreams. Almost anyone can learn to do the same with some practice.