June 19, 2007

Ex Wives Club

Last night while I was flipping thru the channels, I came across this show at 9:00 on Channel 7, KABC. I have one word to say....WOW!! What a great show. It's based on people that are newly divorced and it helps them get back on their feet emotionally, physically, but I'm not sure if they help financially because it was the first time I watched it. I'm not particularly fond of the 3 women that host it, I actually feel it a bit comical that Shar Jackson is on there. If you don't know who she it, its the ex girlfriend of Kevin Federline. She went running back to Kevin after he and Brittany divorced, so having her do the show is kind of hypocritical. There was even rumor that she is pregnant again with his baby(some women never learn). One of the others is Donald Trumps ex mistress then wife. I'm not sure who the third girl is so I don't have an opinion, yet...However, what they do for people on there is awesome! They send them to workshops to help with their anger and depression, give them complete make overs, and last night, one of the girls got to blow up her ex husbands boat..lol. I think its a very interesting concept and something I could see myself getting in to. If you have nothing better to watch on a Monday night, tune in to channel 7. It may have some helpful hints if your currently going thru a divorce.

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