June 8, 2007

She isnt smiling now, is she???

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Paris Sent Back To The Slammer!!!
Tearful Hilton Is 'Physically Dragged' From Courtroom....

"It's not right!" shouted Hilton, who violated her probation in a reckless driving case. "Mom!" she cried out to her mother.

Hours earlier, the 26-year-old hotel heiress was taken handcuffed from her home in a black-and-white police car, paparazzi sprinting in pursuit and helicopters broadcasting live from above. She entered the courtroom disheveled and weeping, hair askew, without makeup, wearing a fuzzy gray sweat shirt over slacks.

She cried throughout the hearing, dabbing her eyes, and her body shook constantly. Several times she turned to her parents, seated behind her in the courtroom, and mouthed, "I love you."
No one should be allowed to drive drunk, NO matter how much money you have. I drive my children on these roads. We need justice. Nicole Richie, your next!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Shame shame shame on you for making fun of a poor lil girl obviously suffering from a horrible disease...
The disease is called "Spoiledbitchitis" and is very harrowing when exacerbated by handcuffs.