June 25, 2007

Supportkids Payment Processing...whats the hold up?

I sent Supportkids an inquiry on 6/16 to their processing division regarding a question on a payment. That is standard protocol when you have an issue regarding your money. I forgot about the inquiry because it has sense been answered by someone else involved in my case, however, I just got a response on 6/23 from the department that was responsible for my inquiry. The response is just in time for me to be questioning the status of my next payment that was sent to them on 6/18. It pissed me off that it came 8 days after the fact. Good thing I wasn't holding my breath. Let me first state that if you call their customer service line at 512-437-6025,( notice a toll call for existing customers only, new customers get an 800 number) it will tell you that they are pleased to announce your payment will be generated within 48 hours of receipt. Now, let me give you their response to my question regarding status:
The date on the payment is 6-9-07. This date represents the date the payment was received in our post office. It is not the date we released the payment or posted the payment to your case. We know this can be confusing. The reason we use the date that the payment was received at our post office is because the non-custodial parent must receive credit for the payment when it was received. In order to give you a good estimate of when you should receive a payment is to look at the date of the payment, 6-9-07, and count 6-7 business days from that date. This is usually when you will see the payment in your account.
OK....if they didn't have the check in hand, how would they know when it got to their post office?? The payment takes 4 days to get to them from the source. So, if a payment was sent to them on 6/4 and received on 6/9, why does it take 6 to 7 business days to post when their customer service line says within 48 hours? Now, let me also clarify that it takes an additional 3 days to process once its posted. So in reality, it takes me up to 14 days to get a payment from the time it is sent to them. I know when my direct deposit goes into my account from my job, it posts the next day. I don't get it. Saying 48 hours, to me, means 2 business days, not 6-7. Isn't that false advertising?? I wish they would just terminate my contract so I don't have to deal with the bullshit anymore. Not only do they delay payment, they take 34%. Ugh!!! 5 years...Supportkids is making bank on my son!!

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