June 2, 2007

Time Warner Cable.....Where's the service we pay for?

I don't know about the people on the East Coast, but alot of us on the West Coast get our cable from Time Warner, formerly Adelphia. Now, I remember a time when cable first started. The service was great, the employees you spoke to over the phone were friendly, and your wait time to talk to someone was virtually nothing. Since Time Warner bought out Adelphia last September, the service has gone to hell. On Demand was one of my favorite features. Something that my son and I use on a regular basis. Recently, that service has had numerous issues and the people at Time Warner don't seem to care. I keep getting a error code of 463. Hmmmmmm, I say to myself. I wonder what that is??? So, I place a call to the cable company. I wait 50 minutes on hold for someone to answer. Its ok, Im not too frustrated at this point...I mean, what else could I be doing besides waiting on hold for 50 minutes as single mother???(lol...the laundry, the dishes, watering the lawn, making dinner-you get the idea) Anyway, I get this gal on the line who isn't even from California. She tells me her office is in Colorado..OKKKKK. Why dont they have offices located where I am?? Why are the problem solvers in another state? That doesnt make me feel secure about this whole ordeal. I have to go out of state for help with my cable? I then proceed to tell her my problem (long pause, keystrokes in the background) she then tells me she has no idea what a code 463 is...ALRIGHHHHHHHHT, what now?? She informs me that she will contact her main branch office, alert them to the problem, and they will see what they can do. That was 3 weeks ago. I've tried to call back on numerous occasions and get the "ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY" message...ya, I imagine. More satisfied customers, huh? Im still having the problem today. They promised us better service, they told us we meant something as customers yet they do nothing to improve their product. What happened to the Adelpha way of doing things? When big businesses buy out the little guy, something always gets lost in the translation. We the consumer always end up getting the shaft. The prices increase and the service is terrible. At this point, I am looking into a different form of cable entertainment. Its a shame that Time Warner cares so little about their customers that they do nothing to improve our experience. I pay $100 dollars a month for crap. Maybe they should stick with what they know and stay away from our cable TV!! Shame on you Time Warner!!
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Rayne said...

I agree with you. Customer service for many companies is just awful. I think that it is worse when the companies are huge, like Time Warner, they have such a giant customer base that they really don't care until enough people leave that their profit margin goes down.

Alissa said...

I think it's pretty funny that they are in the google ad roll at the bottom of your blog. If only they knew!

Teresa said...

I'm on the East Coast and it's no different here. I am trying to call my husband and getting the "All circuits are busy" message. I've dialed about 5 other phone numbers to make sure it wasn't the cell company or something else and it's not. This is ridiculous - I can't even call them to complain because all the darn circuits are busy. I miss comcast from up north. They're a big company but I was always happy with them...although that was a while ago so I don't know how they are now. Thanks for the blog so we all know we're not alone in our misery!