September 14, 2007

When us single Mom's need a little pick me up...

Here are some ideas to make you feel good about yourself that costs little to nothing.

1. Get a new haircut. Maybe even highlight those tresses. If you can’t afford a fancy salon, turn to the yellow pages for a beauty college close to you. The students are closely supervised and the prices are very affordable.

2. Call a friend and invite them to a day at the spa. Lay by the pool, sip margaritas, and get caught up on the latest girl talk.

3. Visit the major department stores in your area and allow their cosmetics personnel to give you a make over. This is not only good for your spirits, it’s wonderful for the pocketbook. Most cosmetics departments will give you a complimentary makeover. Don’t forget to ask for FREE samples that they might have available. (Remember not to impulse buy!)

4. Go shopping! This is a unique twist on shopping. Visit Marshall’s, TJ Max or Ross Dress For Less. Take a cart when you enter the store. Look at EVERYTHING.... place anything that you really like in your cart. When you are finished (this should take about an hour and a half or so), abandon your cart and leave the store empty handed. You will have satisfied your shopping desires and feel great about how much money you saved by not impulse buying!

5. Take a drive to the beach. Lay out a towel and read your favorite book with a nice cold green tea. Then, close your eyes and listen to the waves. There is nothing like it.

6. Go out dancing with friends. There is nothing like moving your body to the music, while you're laughing and having a good time. If you're lucky, you might not even have to pay for your drinks:)

7. Go to your bank and open a Vacation Account. Many banks will allow a Savings Account with as little as $10.00. Make a commitment to put at least $15 per week in the account and then chose a destination with your kids. I took my boys on a cruise a couple years ago. We had a blast.

8. Write notes to your closest friends and relatives. Tell them all the things that make them special to you. This is a feel good thing, not only for you, but for them too.

9. Visit Big Lots or your local discount store and buy scented candles. Light them throughout your house and then either curl up with a good book or take a luxurious bubble bath. Either way you can’t lose.

10. Treat yourself to a movie and make it a comedy! If you’re on a budget, take snacks with you. My purse is always loaded with my favorite munchies. dont you feel better already???


My Wonderful Men... said...

You are really positive and up lifting I may even follow your advise!

crazy working mom said...

Single or not...those are all GREAT ideas! :)

TeaMouse said...

Those are great tips and they work for all women! I love the candle and bubble bath idea - it's a great way to relax.

As for the shopping - I tend to do that a lot, but I generally buy something small. I have a hard time spending money on myself.

I'm involved with a knitting swap but there are lots of other swaps out there where you send each other gifties - might be another way to treat yourself, they probably have them in different price ranges.