November 19, 2007

Hobbies for Singles

Scrap booking is great. If you have a few pictures, or boxes of them, scrap booking can be a great hobby. It combines art with family photos that you will treasure forever. It also makes a great gift for any holiday.

Maintain a fish tank. Watching aquarium fish has proven health benefits, including reducing blood pressure and relieving stress. There are so many cool fish out there. You can create your own underwater world. I’ve heard salt-water fish are a little harder to maintain but puffer fish are great. I think it’s a Finding Nemo thing.

Gardening can be a great stress reliever for many reasons, including getting you into the sunshine and fresh air and creating more beautiful surroundings to come home to each day can actually reduce your stress level. I’m not a big fan of pulling weeds but I really like to weed eat.

Photography is entertaining. My family calls me a shutterbug because I’m always the one taking the pictures at the family functions. It can be really fun though, find your style and go for it. Experiment, its all in fun anyway. Who knows, it may be a new career you never thought of.

Puzzles, Crosswords, or Word Searches are fun. Engaging your mind in a puzzle can take your focus off of what’s stressing you, and develop your brainpower at the same time. I use to do word searches and time myself to see how long it took me.

Painting and drawing can be fun. Take an art class. My Aunt had no idea she was so talented until she started painting. Now, she teaches classes.

Knitting, aside from helping you create beautiful gifts for yourself and others, it also provides you an opportunity to relieve stress. The repetitive motion can get you into an experience of being content or at least provide an outlet for nervous energy.

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