November 17, 2007


I first became a blogger to let the world know about Supportkids, which is a company I hired to help me get child support. I stated that I wanted every single parent out there, in search of child support, to be very wary of the company you chose to help you get your money. 5 years ago I was desperate. My ex husband left the state and the DA's office wasn’t doing anything to help me get child support. I seen an advertisement on the TV for a place called Supportkids, that are based out of Texas. I didn’t read the fine print and have been paying them ever since. He owed me 45,000 at the time. When I signed the contract, I didn’t know they were going to continue to take 34% of my child support until 45,000 had been collected. I hired them in November of 2002 and they are still collecting. I recently requested a print out of how much still owed on my contract and I just received the information. According to them, they still need to receive over 12,000 of my child support to fulfill their contract. So, they have been collecting 34% of my child support since 2002 and, because of the amount I receive, they will continue to collect it until my youngest is 18. They now have direct deposit and I am getting my support in a timely manner (which was a major issue before) but good grief, the amount of money they have collected from me alone is over 33,000 dollars. I could send my son to college for that amount of money. I don’t know if there is any type of guideline for these agencies but there should be. Kudos to them for finding the deadbeat Dad's but its not for the sake of the children, its for their own profit. If you’re having problem collecting child support, think twice before you sign any contract. Don’t end up like me, 5 years later and 12,000 dollars in debt to a company that I hired to help me. Go to the DA’s office, look into other agencies, and ALWAYS read the fine print. Unfortunately, a lot of us are so desperate we will do anything. Hindsight is 20/20 they say, and looking back, I would have chosen another alternative. Supportkids has done nothing besides the initial contacting of his employer with the garnishment almost 6 years ago. Since then, they get my check, take out their chunk and forward me the remaining. Maybe it’s worth it to some, but it really pisses me off.


Anna said...

We are looking into filing complaints against this company. Furthermore, the state of Virginia just filed a lawsuit against them as well.

Darcel said...

I just ordered some information from them today after watching a commercial. I was tempted to sign until I read some posts. My ex hasnt paid child support in years and never consistently. We have two kids and are due over $35k. I do feel desperate but don't want to regret the decision in a few years. What to do?!

Lori said...

You will regret it because they will be taking almost half. Isnt there another way? They have stole thousands from my children in the past 6 years and you will never be able to terminate the contract. They wont let you.