November 12, 2007

Something to experience with your kids

My DBF Michael and I took my 16 year old son to his first concert this weekend. We went to the Greek theater in Hollywood to see Evanescence. I may have cheated a little bit because I really wanted to see them too! It was a great show even though it was outside and 50 degrees. I didn't wear warm enough clothes as the concerts I remember from back in the day were completely different. What I recall were a bunch of hot, sweaty people with their shirts off, pushing to get to the stage and people passed out on the ground or loaded out of their mind. I went to my first concert at age 12. We went to see Blue Oyster Colt. My mother allowed me to go with my cousin and that was a mistake. He was a terrible role model, which is probably why I was adamant about being there the first time with my boys. However, times have changed a bit since then. There were no tailgate parties, no one selling knock-off jerseys in the parking lot, no people carrying signs for LSD, PCP, or Uppers. Heck, they didnt even allow smoking except in designated areas. There was only the faint hint of marijuana in the air a couple times but all in all, it went smooth and uneventful. I think, just from my point of view, its better to be with your child the first time they experience something like that. I took my oldest son to Ozzfest for his 13th birthday. Thinking back, that may have been a bit young to expose him to such an event but I was glad he was there with me instead of someone careless. I don't necessarily like the music they listen to all the time but they need to have the freedom to express themselves. Although, my oldest listened to some pretty intense rap junk that had degrading lyrics so he wasn't aloud to listen to that in my presence but we cant shelter our children from all the evils of the world. All we can do is educate them and hope they make the right decisions. Kids today are faced with so much more than we were as kids (to a point), but its nice to know that my kids didn't feel embarrassed to be at their first rock concert with their mother. That says something. I may be a single mother, but I ROCK! Dont let the complications of your life overtake your need to live. As someone once said, life is a journey, not a destination. You might even have fun.

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