August 24, 2008

Buying a car

My experience with buying a car has been a nightmare. First of all, they act like vultures when you come on the lot. Forget trying to scope the merchandise alone. Second of all, where did they learn to be so pushy? As a single mother, I have to get the best car I can with the finances Ive got. Not to mention, a monthly payment that wont leave me broke and unable to buy groceries. The amount of money they are trying to sell used cars for these days is a joke. With the economy the way it is, I'm sure being a car salesman can be pretty tough. Especially if you are working on commission. However, that doesnt give them the right to bully you into something you really don't want and cant afford. I think its a good idea to do your research before you consider car shopping. Know what you want and also the blue book value of the car. They assume females have no idea what they are doing so we appear to be easy prey. It doesn't have to be that way. Stand up for yourself, and if they don't back down, leave the lot. Buying a car shouldn't be a nightmare, nor should it take all day to negotiate. If you know what the bottom line is, no salesman should be able to take advantage of you. Don't be afraid to say no. If you give them money and drive off the lot, receiving a call for more money to keep the car is out of the question (in my book). That happened to me once and will never happen again. If they want more money, they can have the keys back. No car is worth your dignity or livelihood. There will always be another car and not all salesmen are jerks. You can even buy them on line these days. Be strong and firm. That's the only answer to this dilemma. Any questions or experience to share?

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Am I there yet? said...

I went to a dealership with a male friend of mine once and THAT was a mistake too. The salesman wouldn't even acknowledge me, and just kept talking to my friend, even though I repeatedly pointed out that I was the one who would be paying for a car for myself. When he found out I was a single mom he was trying to sell me a "family car" like a wagon or van. I had to point out that with just me and my son a 2-seater would be a fine family car....I wouldn't want a car salesman's job, but to me buying a car is right there with dental work. I think I might like getting my teeth drilled a little bit more though.

Kat said...

My husband was a car sales man and hated it. He said if you wanted to make any money you had to add hidden fees and lie to the customer. He only last 3 mths. The best advise is to be firm about what you want and need. And not to be afraid to say no.