August 26, 2008

New cars for teens?

I have noticed a number of teenagers in the area driving new cars. Are they buying them with their own money or is it the parents? All you have to do is drive by any High School and look in the parking lot. Its by belief that you don't appreciate things fully unless you pay for it yourself. I dont think teens have enough experience with driving and life to handle the responsibility that comes with a new car? I didn't own my first brand new car until I was in my 20's. At that point, I was married and we needed a family car. I think parents are sending the wrong message to their kids. They need to learn to work hard for the finer things in life.

How do single parents compete with this as well? With the price of gas, we can hardly afford to drive our own car. If they are constantly handed things without having to earn them its like saying that everything in life is easy and free. That's not reality. Life is hard and kids need to know this. Ive never sheltered my children from the truth. As a single mother, its better to let them know whats going on rather than sugar coat life. When my son wanted a snow board, he worked for it. I have never bought either child a gaming console. I couldn't see the logic in spending $300 dollars to play games. They either bought it themselves with birthday money, mowed lawns and did chores, or put their gift cards together at Christmas and made the purchase together. In my opinion, If a teen cant afford a new car they shouldn't be driving one. People want to know what is wrong with today's generation??? They need to learn discipline and the value of hard work. We need to get back to basics and stop the madness. Even if I could afford to give my child everything, I wouldn't. Am I being too tough? If so, please give me a good reason why any child should drive a nicer car than their parents? Im really curious on this one.

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Princess said...

This reminds me of my eldest son's first car when he was a junior in high school - a hand me down from one of our friends. He had a plane's seat fitted at the back so he could take a passenger, but he loved and took care of it like it was brand new.

Debbie said...

You are not off base but sometimes there are reasonable reasons for a new vehicle, and some of those kids may be paying for their own cars. I definietly don't think kids should be handed everything but also know from experience that just because a kid has a new car doesn't mean he is spoiled or expects things to be handed to him.