August 22, 2008

On the edge...

Have you ever felt that all it would take is one more thing added to your plate and it will throw you over the edge? That's seems like my life these days. Ive had alot of blessings given to me recently but the stress of every day life is getting the better of me. Id have to say the number one factor in the mix is my job. I'm not being picked on or expected to do more then anyone else, its the amount of work they expect one person to do. I try so hard not to let it bleed into my home life but some days its not that easy. House renovations take alot of time and effort, many decisions need to be made before and during the process. However, if you are already stressed to the max, how do you clear your head to make the right decisions? Also, how do you keep from taking it out on the ones you love? I haven't found an answer for that yet. I'm just trying to cope the best way I can without coming unglued on everyone that crosses my path. I don't believe in pity parties, I don't throw them nor do I attend them. Sometimes though, when I'm alone, I have the tendency to get the "why me" mindset. I try to shake it and look at things from an objective view point. "This too shall pass" plays a very big roll in my life. What if it takes an eternity (or so it seems) to pass?? Days turn into weeks and then months. Is it time to go to the doctors for medication to help me function? Is that the American way? I'm not knocking medication for any reason. I think if you need it, you should be taking it. Is that what I need though? Do normal people function, when they're stressed to the next level, without help from anti anxiety or antidepressants? How? Ive started walking after work and it seems to clear my mind but what about during the day when Im actually experiencing hell? How do I stay professional? I wish I knew the answer. All I'm certain of is, I cant go on living like this for much longer without resolution. Any suggestions?

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No Nonsense Girl said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you Lori.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Heh, I feel this way every single day...and it's only getting worse. *sigh*