August 26, 2008

Teen Violence

I was watching a program on MSNBC that made my blood boil. It was about 6 girls and 2 boys that ganged up on one girl and beat the crap out of her. Not to mention, they filmed it. Why were the teens angry you ask? It was something the girl posted on Myspace. I don't understand what this world is coming to but the violence our teens are showing is incomprehensible. They interviewed the mother of one of the girls that was doing the beating and she said the victim was warned that there were some people in the house that were mad at her but she went in anyway. Excuse me!!! She is condoning this behavior? Do you really think the girl knew she was walking into an ambush? If that was my daughter, I would sew all of the families of the juveniles that were involved. It was hard to watch AND understand. I know alot of people like to blame video games for their part in violent behavior but when are the parents held accountable? If one of my kids jumped another teen, let them pay the price the law sees fit. Maybe drugs play a part in something like this, although none of the teens appeared to be under the influence. It was a mean, preplanned, act of violence on another person that didn't stand a chance against 6 other girls. I hope the video doesn't glorify their actions but we all know how kids work. The 2 main girls doing the beating will probably be hero's on Myspace. Its a very sick world we live in and you would have never seen something like this 20 years ago. Yes, people have fought for centuries but to video tape it for entertainment purposes is awful. We need to stop the violence. There use to be a TV program years ago called "Scared Straight." I'm not sure what happened to the show but they need to bring it back and give teens like this a reality check. Something is definitely wrong with our youths today. I suggest making sure your kids know right from wrong. Kids will be kids but this was an act of criminal behavior. It literally made me sick to my stomach. Any thoughts?

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harassedmomsramblings said...

I am busy catching up today!! I posted about this SAME THING today!!!!!

My thoughts are that parents are seriously letting their kids down - SERIOUSLY!!!!

We have had a spate of violent attacks in our schools - its never happened before - and its exceptionally disturbing!!!