November 29, 2008

The Lesbian Christmas Light Debacle

Putting Christmas lights up has never been rocket science, at least thats what I thought before today. All you have to do is connect strands of lights together, put them up, and VIOLA! Instant lights. Right? Nope, not at our house. DBF Michael and I did a fine job of working as a team to get the job done. You connect the male ends to the female ends until its long enough to fit around the house. Piece of cake? You would think so, wouldnt you? What if you put up all of your lights and find out that there is no way to plug them in? Yep, that's what happened to us. We started out with the female end, meaning the end that something plugs into, and ended up with a male end. No problem. There were enough lights to go around the house and make it a beautiful display of green and red. So, the job is finally done and its time to plug them in. Well, the end that we have always used, which goes thru the spare bedroom window, was a female end., we get an extension cord. You have to plug in the male end to the female end...and what do you have? Another female end. No matter how many extension cords you use, you still are left with a female end. How do you plug them in?

We both looked at each other, thinking to ourselves, what in the heck did we do wrong? I don't remember Christmas lights ever being this difficult but we couldn't come to a conclusion that worked. The only way to fix it would be to take down all of the lights and start out with a male end...something that can plug into something else. No way!! The whole house is done and now we have to redo it? Nope, instead, we decided to make it work from the other side of the house. We put an extension cord up and over the rafters, around the garage door, and thru the tiny vent at the bottom of the farthest wall in the garage. Where there is a will, there is definitely a way. The moral to this story?? Before you decide to put up your lights, think twice. Whatever you do, don't start out with the female end if that's the one you are using to plug them in. You will end up in the same situation.....In the dark trying to string up lights. It wasn't an easy task and had us both scratching our heads but we pulled it off!! For the record, two female ends wont work no matter how many extension cords you have. You need a male and a female to pull it off.

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