November 2, 2008

Horoscopes and compatibility

I believe in the stars. Not the ones you see on TV, but astrology. In the past, I would base alot of decisions, especially in relationships, on what they had to say about my potential partner. Silly? Ya, probably. I think its interesting to read about yourself. Your good points and bad (although you know them already), having someone else point it out to you without even know you is a trip. They also speculate who you are the most compatible with and who you're not. Funny, if I had listened to what they said about Scorpios and Sagittarius, I wouldn't be in the relationship I'm in now. Ive always been drawn to Sagittarius and I'm not sure why. Three very important relationships in my life were Sagittarius. And its funny, their birthdays are within a week of each other. They have alot of the same characteristics but each one very is different.

DBF Michael is the closest Ive been to a man, while being in a relationship. Meaning, he's my best friend too. When something happens in my day, he's the first one I want to tell. He always has alot to say, and I'm there to listen. Scorpios aren't really verbal unless they have an opinion about something. Idle chit-chat isn't something we do. He talks, I listen, and it works. We debate, dont get me wrong, but we also laugh at each other too. We are two completely different people, but isnt that how relationships are supposed to work? Opposites attract, right? Many people don't believe in this stuff but have you ever sat down and read about your sign? Its pretty funny. Now, look at the compatibility between you and your partner. Is there any truth there? If you keep going with the same type of guy, start asking them their sign. Maybe, they have more in common with each other than you think!

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