November 7, 2008

High Expectations

Ive learned alot of things over the years. One thing took a little longer than others and thats not to have high expectations. If you dont, you wont be let down. That can go for many things including a raise at work, a holiday, a relationship, or other peoples actions. I guess I should probably rephrase that. You really should have high expectations in a relationship but you also have to take into consideration your partner and their capability. Men and women are never on the same wave length. However, that doesnt buy you a "get out of jail" free card. Men should never stop striving to impress their women. True, we are more perceptive but it isnt rocket science. Although, I am sure we born with this gift. We notice things more often, take mental notes, and learn about the other person inside and out. Thats how we nuture the ones we care about.

Details are important. And yes, its the little things that count. If you think you have totally screwed something up, a little gesture can redeem you in a heartbeat. Women are sentimental. They love to be loved and to be shown it on a regular basis. In reality, we do more and expect the least amount back. Mothers are notorious for that. We put alot of expectations in the people we love, teenagers (more so) but all children are a perfect example of this. When they blow it, you need to put your high expectations aside and learn to deal with whatever life gives you. As a matter of fact, we should learn to have reasonable expectations of our offsprings to begin with. Not all kids are straight A students nor do they always make the right decisions. That statement should also be followed with the expectation being dependant on the situation.

Women do alot for the people we love, yet dont ask for anything in return. That doesnt mean we dont want it, it just means we arent expecting it....or are we? That also depends on the situation. If you love someone, dont let a day go by that they ever questions that. Love is more than a word, its an action. No, its many actions rolled into a lifetime.

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