November 28, 2008

Gossip Magazines

My guilty pleasure for this week is gossip rag's. You know the ones Im talking about. When you are waiting in line a the grocery store and they are staring you straight in the face? There is always a picture or article that grabs your attention. You pick it up, and BAM, you're hooked. I personally read them from front to back. No page goes unturned, no article is unread. I love this stuff. Its funny, the stars will tell you that its all a bunch of crap. However, when they say certain couples are having issues, the next month you see them in divorce court.

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The thing that cracks me up the most is the "bump watch". Heaven forbid one of those women has a little water retention. If you are stick thin and gain 5 pounds during that time of the month, you are sure to be a target. Some of them are actually pregnant and will dodge that question until they are ready to deliver (thank you Christina Aguilera) but the majority of them arent. It would be tough to be in the public eye all the time. No wonder they have eating disorders. These magazines are notorious for photo modification. They can make someone who is a little chubby look as big as a house. Of course, their idea of chubby is a size 4. I dont read it for that, although it is quite funny. I just like to find out who's dating who and whats going on in Hollywood. I dont care about Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, as they are regulars. Although, I did tune in when they both went to jail. Paris hasnt been the same since. Thank God.

I guess you can say Im addicted, and I love my drug of choice!

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Jenny McB said...

I can't imagine the pressure that the women must live under if they have to worry about weight and unflattering pictures.

It's always interesting that so many relationships occur on movie sets. Your post reminded me of the movie magazines that my grandmother used to read, with Liz and Natalie.