November 3, 2008

Is there really a way to stop Supportkids?

I get alot of responses regarding my posts on Supportkids. As many of you know, Ive been doing battle with those crooks for years. Its a vicious cycle that never ends. I request termination, they deny me. Well, another reader has had experience with this company and gave me some advise I would like to pass along. If you are fed up with the run around, maybe this will work for you:

1. Contact the employers and your child support agencies via certified mail and have them change the address from Supportkid's address back to your own address. Supportkids does direct deposit of all the checks received.

2. Have your child support agency redirect the deposit back to you or have them mail you a check directly.

3. Contact the employers and have them stop providing Supportkids with information. Inform them that no changes can be made without your written consent by a notarized letter. If this works, the payment will come right to you.

When I contacted the DA's office, they basically said it was my fault for signing the contract and that it couldn't legally be modified. However, it may be different in your state. I live in California. If this helps one single parent in their quest to terminate the dreaded contract with Supportkids, then my blog has done its job. Thank you all for your input. I read everything and pass on any information that I think would be helpful. If you try it, let me know the results. I'm sure many parents would love to see this company go out of business!

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