November 12, 2008

Faking Orgasms

Why do women fake orgasms? That is something I could never understand. You hear about it a lot but Ive often wondered why? Telling your partner what you want really isn't that difficult. If you are intimate enough to lay naked with this person and have sex, isn't it your obligation (for yourself) to tell them what you want if what they are doing isn't working for you? You would be surprised at how many men really love this kind of feedback. Its much better than them trying and not hitting the spot, then you end up faking it (not me but rather him find the spot), and he feels like he has totally rocked your world. Yes, it does wonders for their ego but its taught them nothing. There are men that don't care whether you climax or not, but that's not the majority. And the few that Ive been with, didn't get a sequel.

In thinking back, Ive only offended one man (that I know of) and we had been together for a while. The reason, I was tired of needing to satisfy myself before we had sex. I don't know if he was lazy, selfish, or just thought he didn't need to doing anything but my exact words to him were, "Don't you know what you're doing?" True, it takes a little longer for a woman to have an orgasm but so what. Woman are aroused by touch, intimacy, and lots of foreplay. Men can get hard at the drop of a hat. Wouldn't you want your partner to be satisfied? I know If I'm doing something wrong, I want to know. Although, its much clearer on men. If they're not hard = not doing something right. Oral pleasure can be a wonderful thing for both people involved. I know sometimes I feel like my orgasms don't come quick enough but the more you become uptight about it, the longer it takes. And men, its all about location, location, location. If you notice your woman is breathing a little faster or her legs are starting to tense up, DON'T STOP what you're doing. One movement can lose the momentum you worked so hard for. Faking orgasms isn't fun or fair. Woman are more outspoken now than ever before so don't let it stop in the bedroom. Tell your man what you want. He really needs to know.

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Lori said...

Its funny that no one commented on this. If you look at this post on Divorce360, I got 72 responses. I guess its a different crowd there:)