November 21, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

DBF Michael had a great idea for a post. He suggested I do an article each week of things that bring me pleasure. My guilty pleasure for this week is Gordon Ramsay.

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Have any of you watched Hell's Kitchen? What about Kitchen Nightmares? I love it!! Hell's kitchen is more of a reality "who's the best chef" kinda show. Kitchen nightmares is a whole different ball game. He is asked by different restaurant owners to come in and "SAVE" their business. He can be very brutal, or is that brutally honest? Its funny, first he meets them, then they feed him their best dishes, and he gives them his opinion. Its NEVER good. I always thought it was funny because when he eats, his fork is upside down. According to DBF Michael, that's a British thing. I don't know if I could be an owner of a business and handle what he has to say but man is it fun watching their responses. In the end, he saves the day. He teaches the staff about simple cooking, he modifies the menu, and then redecorates the decor. After that, he returns to find out how things are going. Most of them end up with a booming business. Others, go back to their old ways or lose their restaurants all together. I think he's great.

We just found out he has a restaurant in LA. I looked at the menu and its a bit pricey. However, I think if Ramsay had anything to do with it, it will be FABULOUS!!. If you haven't checked him out you really should. Its pure comedy and you might even learn something especially if you are thinking about opening your own business. The filth that he walks into most of the time has really made me think twice when choosing a restaurant. Thank You Gordon....You rock!

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Crazy Working Mom said...

I love Kitchen Nightmares! If I ever get to spend the day at home during the week, I'll watch it all day!!!

Jenny McB said...

I have only watched one of his shows once,but your comment at the end reminded me of a book about chefs/restaurants and the food, Kitchen Confidential. You won't want to go to Sunday brunches after reading it.

TC said...

I love this show.
Thank you for this post.