November 4, 2008

Wordless "Yummy" Wednesday

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D Lo said...

Now i'm craving chocolate lol!

Sue said...

Chocolate is always good! :) Happy WW :)

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Jim said...

Hi Lori, I'll have one if it doesn't have nuts.
Thank you and Happy WW/WT!

jams o donnell said...

It certainly looks tasty! Happy WW

ZJ said...

Love it!!

Indrani said...

Well, I think I liked that artwork on your nail more. :)

Jim said...

Lori, in my pictures, the lady is pouring water into the toilet bowl to "flush" it.

Then she is supposed to refill the bucket from the hose out in back and set it beside the door for the next user.
'This is only common courtesy.'


yummy is the right word for it.. Please Visit my entry Little J with the witches here and kids at the party here

2nd part of Halloween Trick or treat at Rockwell

Nap Warden said...

Is it yummy?

Mojo said...

Looks... crunchy. I'm craving sushi of all things. No idea why.

Eds said...

Oh my! I'm really craving for something like this now! Happy WW!

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BNS said...

I almost forgot you were trying the Nutrisystem program. How's it going anyway?


Mama Duck said...

mmmmm, chocolate!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Are you sure this is yummy?!

I ♥ the nails. :)