January 14, 2009

Another year with Supportkids

Here we go again. One year down, how many more to go before they terminate my contract? Never? This is one of the most frustrating things I have to deal with on a yearly basis. I have sent numerous requests for termination and still they refuse. They have collected over 30,000 dollars for themselves off of my child support. Can you believe that? No one has successfully been able to put this company out of business. They sucker people in on a daily basis then rip you off. 34% of child support is what they collect every other week, month after month. You hear this same scenario played over and over again by desperate parents wanting out. How do they get away with this? Am I being unappreciative of their services? Should I feel privileged that they get my money from the DA, take their cut, and issue a check for the leftovers? I feel bad for all of the single parents trying to make ends meet who venture into the lifelong partnership with Supportkids. If they could only read my blog first before signing, it would save them alot of headache.

I signed a contract with them because my ex left the state. After numerous years of trying to collect on my own thru the DA's office, I seen a commercial on TV so decided to call. Its funny, new customers get a toll free number while existing victims have to dial direct and pay the charges. You would think with the amount of money that company collects, they could at least pay for my call. After over 30,000 dollars, I think Ive earned it. It doesn't matter what you do or say, they don't care. The law is on Supportkids side. The number one response, you should have never signed the contract. If the DA's office was doing what they are paid to do, I would have never had to hire those crooks. I understand that the child support division is broken. The number of dead beat sperm donors and unfit mothers is increasing at an alarming rate but nothing is being done. What is a single parent supposed to do? I have yet to answer that question but I do have some very important advise. For those of you considering hiring Supportkids, don't do it! If you look at the comments left on my personal blog under the Supportkids topic, you will see that I am not the only one fed up with this conspiracy. There has got to be another another way to resolve this issue without being ripped off. Learn by my mistake.


Lori said...

Did anyone know this?

When you have a problem with a company in a different state (or your own for that matter) the Attorney General of that state is who you go through - they are the ultimate decision maker "top cop" if you will...to decide if there is consumer fraud being practiced.

If you look at your contract, I'm sure you are going to find a clause that states any disputes will be handled in accordance to Texas law, as SupportKids was founded & is located in Austin, Texas.

Mr. Hoffman, as I'm sure you know, was the founder of SupportKids - and with him in that position of power with the organization that would, in essence, be investigating it's wrongdoings...no complaint is going to go anywhere.

I think the answer is to turn a very large spotlight via media or otherwise pointing in the AG's office direction alledging a holding of hands and unfair protection of interest....before Mr. Hoffman ends up AS the Attorney General...

flowitspice said...

WoW,..I thought I was alone. For years my ex didn't pay a dime and when I saw the commercial for Supportkids, I jumped on the chance to get some support. But, then after they collected their initial fee of 395.00 I thought I would just get the rest for my daughter. Nope, it doesn't work that way, they have taken $$ from my daughter's support for four years now and frankly I need to break free from them. What do I do??

Lori said...

They have been taking money from me for 7 years. My son will be 18 this year. I wonder what will happen then? They will keep the back child support too?

Lori said...

Company Overview

Supportkids, Inc., also known as CSE Child Support Enforcement, collects child support payments for custodial parents in the United States. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

4120 Freidrich Lane

Suite 175

Austin, TX 78744

United States

Founded in 1991





Key Executives
Mr. Bryon Sehlke
Chief Executive Officer and President
Mr. Casey Hoffman
Mrs. Dianne Erlewine
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Bob Sicina
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Eric Rosenkoetter
Chief Compliance Officer and Executive Counsel
Compensation as of Fiscal Year 2008.

Someone passed this info on to me. Im not sure if it will help but here are a few names.

Anonymous said...

I'm a "deadbeat" dad or at least I was until 6 years ago when child support was taken from my check. My ex and I don't really speak and I never questioned the garnishment I just assumed Florida was doing the collecting. Well just prior to my youngest child turning 18 last year I contacted my employer to see what was happening. I was informed about Support Kids being responsible for the garnishment. I contacted them and never got any answers about my case other than i was still in arears according to the state of Florida. I didn't persue the matter any further.

Well yesterday I started again and found out from my employer that they are allegedly obligated by court order to continue garnishing my wages til 2099. What judge would issue an order for that long? I think its a fake.

So now I am attempting to gather documents and court orders. I realize I still owe approx. 2 1/2 years worth of back support, however, I'm starting now in order to make sure it stop on time. This company collects a 34% fee monthly ($170) for nearly nothing ... leaving my ex with $330. I can't for the life of me understand how that is allowed to continue. I've read many horror stories today on numerous complaint sites about this company and it seems no one can get anything done to regulate them so I wonder if I'm wasting my time fighting for the rights of both custodial and non-custodial parents.

My plan is to contact the Texas AG, Houston channel 11 news investigators, state reps, senators and even the Obama administration.

Lori said...

Yep, they sure do take 34%...to date, they have ripped me off for more than $25,000 dollars in fees. So, when do you think they will think its enough to stop taking my child support? That would have paid off a lawyer and then some. Its awful.

tljoiner said...

Ladies should we unite in a class action suit? I ended up with these vultures at Support Kids because my ex husband was over 17,000.00 in arrears not counting the interest I would have been paid and he had moved 2x in different states so I was told by each Child Support Enforcement that it would take an intrastate lawyer that I really could not afford. But 4 years later these leeches have taken my kids child support and will not let me out of my contract. As of yesterday I find out by accident that Support Kids has sold my child support debt to a debt collector. Is that even legal? I cannot get to Support Kids because I have tried every way I know to contact them and they have blocked my home number and my case ID. Who does this in the name of children? I am steamed and would love to class action these people for all they have taken our child support from us. Please let me know if anyone else agrees and has any ideas. Frustrated and tired......

Lori said...

Oh this is a blessing...I did a blog about it yesterday to let everyone know. Supportkids went out of business!!! I contacted the DA's office and let them know. The payments will be coming directly to me. When the new company sends you the paperwork, DONT SIGN IT!! Then you are transferring all rights to them. Quick...contact the DA's office and let them know the payments need to come to YOU and only YOU!!!!We are celebrating all over the US over this one. Long into your Supportkid account. It will give you the info on the new company. I have contacted them but it doesnt matter anyway. I learned my lesson the first time. DONT SIGN...PERIOD!!

Elaine said...

For the Support Kid parents that received the letter from Richard Boudreau. I found out we are suppose to call the Texas Department of Banking at 1-877-276-5554. I would call them before signing anything from Boudreau also read the writing on the back of the first page very carefully they are a collection agency and it will might work both ways.