January 8, 2009

Time for guilty pleasures.....


My guilty pleasure confession for the week is that I absolutely LOVE to go to the movies. I have been taking my kids to the show ever since my youngest could sit in the seat by himself. His little feet didn't even reach the end of the chair. There is something about eating popcorn with hot tamales, while drinking an over sized beverage that makes my heart pitter-patter. I love all kinds of movies but scary flicks are my favorite. The problem is, my tolerance level is pretty high. Not many movies have the ability to scare me that easily. The ones that are true stories usually do it better than any slasher film. I like comedies and romances too. Lets not forget action and animation as Finding Nemo was one of my all time favorite films along with Monsters, Inc.

My mother never took us to the show as kids. I don't even think she goes that often now. However, I picked up a love for cinema and have passed it on to my children. I rarely go after matinee prices these days because the cost is ridiculous. BTW, we ventured out last weekend to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...WOW!!! What a great movie. I suggest you get the small drink for this one because you're gonna be in there a while. Brad Pitt did an awesome job. The film was well written and its a beautiful story. If you have about 3 hours of time to spend on a Saturday afternoon, go and see it. On the flip side, 7 pounds was quite the opposite. We spent an hour and a half not knowing what in the heck was going on. Id definitely wait for the DVD. I love Will Smith but even he couldn't save this film. I think my calling in life was to be a movie critic. I wonder what you have to do to get a job like that because the critics they have now suck. Don't ever read their reviews, research what the viewers have to say then go with the majority. Wanna go to the movies??? YOU BETCHA!!!


Jenny McB said...

Hot tamales in popcorn?? LOL not here in New England.

Benjamin Button looks really good, I love watching Brad Pitt in a movie. So true about the ticket prices, but some movies are best watched in a theater and not from a couch.

Our favorite kid movie was Toy Story since it was a "boy" animated story.

TorAa said...

You hit me
The only thing I was able to recall from my first time in Movie Theater:
Papa, I must pi.
Until my years after told me:
Tor, first time we went to movie, we sat down on our seats. It was of course dark-
Then the Curtains revealed the White Screen.

The movie started.
Whithin a minute I asked my Father:

"Is it now we are going start laughing."

Well, that's was my first meeting with motion movies. Here in Oslo, Norway.