January 16, 2009

The Dreaded Plateau

As many of you know, Ive been on the nutrisystems diet since October of last year. To date, Ive lost 31 pounds. What happens when you reach a plateau? I have tried everything to break this dreaded spell and its doing nothing but frustrate me. Although, Id like to say I went window shopping the other day. I fit in a size that I never dreamed Id get into again. Everything looked good. We are going to Ramsay's restaurant for Valentines Day do I wanted to pick up something nice. There was so much to choose from, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I swore I wouldn't buy anything new until I reached my goal but the size I am in is 4 sizes smaller than when I started the diet. I felt a sense of pride in what I have achieved so far. It hasn't been easy, especially thru the holidays but I did it. I just cant figure out how to drop the next 30. Ive done some research and it stated that If your weight loss has stalled, don't give into the temptation to quit or worse, to try more extreme measures that aren't good for your health, such as skipping meals or working out excessively. I admit, I tried eating less to see if it would work. No such luck. However, A weight plateau is no reason to give up on a healthy plan. Maybe I need to take a moment to regroup, shift the focus away from my weight for a while, and consider other ways to measure my progress. As a matter of fact, trying on those new clothes did just that. Everything I have is so big, its really hard to tell how far you've come when you're not wearing things that fit.

They say plateaus are natural and occur because your body constantly strives to maintain equilibrium. Its just a matter of being patient and trying to mix it up a bit. I must confess, with it getting dark so early I'm not getting the exercise I should to help me along. I just want to reach my goal weight!! Why must my body be so stubborn? I guess I wont burn any calories complaining about it. If anyone has any suggestions though, besides the obvious, Id really love to hear your feedback.


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