January 22, 2009


You see them time and time again, especially on the weekends. What are they? Infomercials. Ive talked in the past about my experience with Sheer Cover Make up and what a rip off it was. They had an introductory offer of $9.95 to try their make up, so I ordered it. When I received it there was a bill attached for $116.00 dollars for my shipment. When I called and spoke to someone at the company, she said that she knows it says $9.95 but that is was not true. Since the order wasn't shipped from their warehouse, they didn't offer that special and that she was sorry it didn't state the actual amount. She then tried to sell me another kit for $29.95. I was told I had 30 days to try it and send it back before the next payment of $30.00 dollars was charged to my account. Needless to say, they got their make up back, and I finally got my money back minus the shipment price. I also tried proactive. I didn't buy it from TV, I purchased it in the mall. What I got was over priced acne treatment that didn't work. I think I ended up paying $75 dollars in total. All I really needed to do was change my diet and drink water. Go figure!

How do they get away with it? Recently DBF Michael and I attended a Direct Buy open house. We heard good things about it so decided to see what they had to offer. First, we sat thru 2 TV infomercials telling us how wonderful their company was, then we had to listen to a salesman tell us how much money we were going to save. 45 minutes later, he decided to give us the bottom line before showing us yet one more video. They wanted us to pay almost $5000.00 dollars for a membership to their warehouse so we could save money. Not to mention, a yearly fee to stay a member. Wait, let me get this straight. I have to pay them $5000.00 dollars to save $500 on a washing machine? Needless to say, we walked out. They have websites designed to tell you the scam artists from the legitimate companies. I suggest researching any product you buy from any infomercial. I have come to the conclusion that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't be fooled.


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Crazy Working Mom said...

I used to work for a plumbing supply company. One of my customers got scammed by this company. "If you're building a house", she said "it's really worth the money. *LOL* She came in after it was said and done and told me to warn customers about them. Like they would believe me!!! Sometimes I guess you gotta live and learn.