January 12, 2009

An increase for divorce in January

Did you know that January has the highest rate for divorce? As a matter of fact, 50% higher than any other time of the year. Most people want to hold tight thru the holidays so they wait until they are over to file. I can see why that make sense. No one wants to disturb the family no matter how miserable you are. Not to mention, all the questions that would be asked from friends and relatives. That could get uncomfortable. By this time next year, the divorce will be final and there will be no questions asked as its all been said and done. I never thought of divorce as a New Years Resolution but I guess It works for some. The experts also say the divorce rate drops between Thanksgiving and New Years day. That wasnt true in my case, I left my first husband the day after Thanksgiving. We didn't have children together. That probably made a big difference.

Divorce can be tough no matter who you are or what time of the year it is. I would think you might want to wait until after Valentines Day too, but who am I? Of course, if you cant stand your partner, a dozen roses wont do you any good. I can see why January would be a good time to file. You want to start a clean slate into a new life, new year, new you. That doesn't happen over night though. First you file, then they're served, next comes court and if all goes well, you're free 6 months later. That gives you a few months to heal before the holidays start all over again. In reality, the vows you take should state "until death or divorce do us part." I think the older you get married, the better chance it has for survival. Especially if you've been married before. Why? You think twice before doing it again. Although some people make it a habit, the majority of us don't like divorce court. Marriage isn't easy and neither are relationships. In the end, we are all just trying to find the happily ever after. I believe you should love like you've never been hurt. Easier said than done? That gets harder as you get older too. What are we to do?


Mojo said...

Heh. Takes a year's separation here before they'll grant a no-fault.

I'm convinced that the leading cause of divorce in this country is marriage.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

perhaps they want the tax write off as well??? or not ruin the holidays - I told my ex husband on Christmas day that I wanted a divorce. suckage for him that holiday! woot for me!