January 14, 2009

Non Profit Organizations

A friend of mine is going into a venture that will save life's. She is setting up transitional housing for emancipated foster youths. The ages are from 18-24 and they have been emancipated from the child welfare system. The goal of the program is to provide a safe living environment while helping them achieve self-sufficiency so that they can learn life skills upon leaving the foster care support system. The have two homes they have purchased for these kids, and I say kids because I'm 42. To me, they are still children. The State will fund 100 percent of the non federal portion of the rate through the Transitional Housing for Foster Youth Fund. The 60 percent county match of the non federal portion has been eliminated. Her main issue is how to get started. Where do you go for volunteers? How do you get sponsors for the portion the government doesn't pick up? There are so many kids that are thrown into the world with no guidance and end up in the jail system, rehab, or living on the streets. What an awesome way to step up and show some love. The houses are in the Southern California area of Fontana and Rialto. She is an inspiration to all who know her, which is why I know this program will work. However, this is a first for her so she needs some further education on setting up the home and where to go for answers.

Does anyone have any experience in this type of industry? Anything you know about this topic would be helpful and appreciated. Also, if you live in this area and are interested in volunteering, please e-mail me. The link to my e-mail is on my blog.



EastCoastLife said...

This is a great cause and a grand feat for your friend! I wish I can help but I'm not familiar with US laws.

Lori said...

I got this from Divorce360. Great info:
Lori - great cause! 1. The Local United Way - this organization exists so they can funnel money to other non-profs - that is their sole function. Plus you'll get exposure and maybe volunteers. 2. Local Church Outreach Programs - get in touch with all the larger churches in the are first. They often have volunteers itchin to help and maybe money too! There is usually an OutReach Coordinator who can help. 3. Marketing - Make sure you have a 1 page write up. Name it, tag it, logo it. Succint to the point. Use this when you're making contact with these people and be sure to start a mail list of everyone you come in contact with...you're going to need to do "mailings" in the future. Information has value! 4. Public School System - you'll be getting most of your kids from here. Make relationships with the guidance counselors - they'll send you the one's who really need the help... 5. Local Companies - get local companies to "help out" in the name of charity- I mean everything from furniture to food to marketing. It will give them good publicity, plus may be a good source of jobs for your kids. And it will get the word out. 6.Hmmm, I'm tapped. I would love to work at an organization like this! If you need some volunteer marketing help, let me know. I do everything from copy writing through design. (although I'm not a designer, I'm more grass roots) but I like to offer just in case... Good luck. - Tracy ps. I have 4 older siblings (non-related to me or each other) who my parents "rescued" at the ages of 16 on up. So yeah, I'm familiar. Most people just need a hand.

Lori said...
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Jenny McB said...

Church Outreach- The First Congregation church here runs the winter overnight homeless shelter and they have a great volunteer program.

A grant writer would be helpful, there is money out there, it's just a matter of getting the right letters sent to the right people.

Local colleges for volunteers also,maybe a big brother or sister program could be used as a resource.

It's a great idea.

Lori said...

Thanks Jenny...I will let her know:)

Carmen said...

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Jerline said...

I am happy for your friend. My blog growthofasocialworker.blogspot.com will have details on funding resources since I am in the process of starting my own non-profit organization.