January 2, 2009

What are your hopes for the coming year?

With the new year comes hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Isn't it funny as the clock strikes 12, how you feel a new found hope that wasn't there a day ago? Its like the slate has been washed clean and everything is fresh and new. What are your hopes for 2009? I know 2008 has been a tough year. Some have had it rougher than others. With the economy the way it is and unemployment at an all time high, we can all use a boost. Soon, there will be a new president sworn into office. Will he be a miracle worker? I don't think so but I hope he does a better job than what we have had in office for the past 8 years. I have never seen the employment section in the Newspaper only take up an inch of space. Whats going on? How are we ever going to pull out of this? Maybe all we need is faith. That is what has gotten people thru tough times for centuries. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we are where we are because that's how its supposed to be. However, that doesn't make it any easier.

In 2009 I hope that people will no longer be in fear of losing their homes, that the stock market will do a complete 180, and that people who are unemployed will finally get the job of their dreams. Lets face it, life is tough. Change is even tougher but it can be done. We need to put back in to our economy so that we will all succeed. My son is graduating in June, what does his future hold? Will he be able to go out into the world and find a job so he can survive? Not at this rate. Millions of kids graduate every year and what do they have waiting for them? Even people with college educations cant find jobs. It makes me sad but I haven't lost hope. Our country has pulled itself out of worse situations in the past. By the way, why aren't banks lending money these days? Isn't that what the bail out was for? If everyone has the same mentality as the lenders, this economy is in dire strait for the long haul. 2008 wasn't a bad year for me. Lord knows I have had alot worse but I hope that this coming year will be a great one for everyone. Now, lets get this party started and dont look back. We all have a brighter future...I can feel it!



Jes said...

hi!!! happy new year to you and to your family!!!! Have an award for yah!

Chelle Y. said...

My goal is to be content with being me. Well, maybe a better me, but me just the same.