October 27, 2007

Are video games good for kids?

I know there is a lot of controversy regarding video games for kids. Considering my son is a video game fanatic, I thought I would look at the pros and cons on this topic. True, there are a lot of games out there that go way over the top. I don’t agree with games like Hitman, or Grand Theft Auto, just to name a few. I think they are teaching kids the wrong idea. Its not OK to rob, cheat, steal, or rape. You shouldn’t try to kill cops or make a living out of being a thief. I think that some children can become desensitized by violence and the whole concept of right and wrong if they play nothing but these types of games. However, did you know that kids that do great on video games make good pilots?? It’s the whole hand and eye coordination thing. Also, my oldest son had never shot a gun in his life. When he went into the military, he got awards for his shooting ability. Not from experience, but from video games. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing but I thought it was pretty interesting. I think your choice in gaming should depend on the child. Younger kids need to play educational games and ones that aren’t geared towards blood, guts, and killing. Mario Brothers is still very popular and fun. As far as older kids, I would definitely monitor what they play. You can’t rent violent games at your local Block Buster unless you are 17 but sometimes they don’t ask for ID. If your child is mature and completely understands the difference between reality and gaming, then I would be a little more open minded but if they have violent tendencies, I think I would stick with something that is a little more mellow. My youngest son loves Warcraft and Diablo for computers. I’ve watched him play and I really don’t see anything wrong with the games. They are based on building armies and going to war but it’s more of a strategic game than anything. I am more of an old school game player. I still like Galaga and Pacman but kids now days are way more advanced then we ever were. They need more of a challenge. If you are iffy on the whole video game thing, try a Wii. They are geared more towards sports and the kids have a blast because it is interactive. Remember, you have a choice as to what your child plays. Pay attention and ask questions.

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Chelle Y. said...

Brendan loves to play on the computer, but I do monitor what he plays also.

He is into Webkins now. He has also learned on the computer too.

I hate what they have out there today! What ever happened to Pac-man or Donkey Kong?

No Nonsense Girl said...

Just wanted to say hello!!!! :)

Greatfullivin said...

I think you are so right! Pay attention and ask questions. I have grandchildren now and at 5 yrs old they love the games. Their mother only allows 1 hr a day, which is plenty for a 5 yr. old.

Jimmy Jarred said...

True ! Video games do benefits but in some cases they have adverse effects too. We should have to fix the time to play and carefully monitor the games they play.
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